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Investigating the new sculpture

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Claire’s Class

I have to thank all of the sixth class who helped in the documentation and photographing of all the workshops, It was a great help to both Mark and I. I hope you got some insight into the thoughts and ideas behind the sculpture. Don’t forget we have to think of a name for the piece.

Today we looked at drawing in space and making large-scale sculptures using art straws and masking tape. The foundation and base were the most important elements to get right before we could build upwards and outwards. The is the same for any external sculpture it needs a bit of engineering. There was some great team work and  sharing of ideas. Lots of energy and creativity in the room . Really well done!

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Orla’s Class

With Orla’s class we looked at different constellations and the patterns they make. Today’s work with fifth class will help us determine the arrangement of the bronze panels embedded into the concrete base of the sculpture.

Each table was given a different constellation.  They cut out stars and worked together as a team to arrange the stars on an A1 sheet of paper. The stars once arranged and everyone was happy were stuck down.

We then went out into the school yard and arranged ourselves as the constellations.

Really great work, great team work and wonderful patterns.